Waste-eliminating water bottle “filling stations” now available on campus

Clark University water stationsClark has made it easier to be green with three new water bottle filling stations around campus! The new stations provide clear, cold, filtered water for your refillable bottles in the University Center, Kneller, and Jonas Clark 2nd floor. (Three more are planned for additional locations in the Academic Commons, Jefferson, and Goddard 3rd floor).

As a bonus, the units  record how many  bottles have been refilled, thus eliminating those nasty disposable plastic ones from landfill (the U.S. throws away 140,000 per day, which requires 1 million barrels of oil to make and transport the wasteful things, says www.back2tap.com).

As of Jan. 29, the U.C. station counts 630 refills — that’s 42 disposables eliminated per day! Awesomely green!