Safety Escort Van Tracker Is Here!

Visit on a desktop or mobile device. (login required)

The Safety Escort Vans are now equipped with GPS positioning devices and a new web application has been launched, in both desktop and mobile-ready versions.

The Van Tracker shows current service status, any important alerts and notifications, the phone number to call and request a pick-up, and the current location of all 4 vans.  Once you’ve called to request a pickup, you’ll be given your van number and a wait time.  But you can use the Van Tracker to keep an eye on your van.  We hope this application will make it easier for everyone to use the Safety Escort Vans!van tracker application on your phone

On Mobile Devices:

This is not a “mobile app” that you download from an app store.  It’s a web site.  But, to save effort typing in the URL each time, on most mobile devices, browsers will let you “save to home screen” once you’re browsing the page.  So, go to, login and use the menu button on your phone to select “Save to” and then choose “home screen” or just bookmark the page.  From then on, you can access the short cut on your home screen or your bookmarks menu to quickly get back to the Van Tracker application.