Students invited to submit proposals for grassroots ‘Projects for Peace’

December 2012

To the Clark University Community:

Clark has once again been invited to participate in the Davis Projects for Peace initiative. This is an invitation for all undergraduates on our campus to design grassroots projects for peace. The selected submission will be funded at levels up to $10,000 and implemented during the summer of 2013.  Project proposals may take on any focus that student applicants choose although the fundamental purpose is to use creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in developing ideas designed to build peace in the 21st Century.

I serve as the campus contact for the Davis Program and will convene a committee consisting of faculty, staff and student members of the Faculty Admissions Committee to review student proposals. Proposals should be sent electronically to Melissa Tula ( in the Admissions Office and are due by January 31, 2013. The committee will review all submissions and finalists will be forwarded to the Davis UWC Scholars Program. Final selections will be announced by April 2013.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for our students. Last year’s Projects for Peace winner from Clark was Bonginkhosi Petros Vilakati whose project, “Recyling for Peace in Swaziland” was designed as he described it, “to promote peace between Swazis and Mother Earth by establishing a recycling and composting program, where none had existed prior”.  He identified a unique opportunity to develop and run a school-based program which educated students as well as members of the community on the value of environmental preservation.

You can learn more about the Projects for Peace program by visiting the following website that provides more detail about the program and the process for submitting project proposals.

After you have had the opportunity to review these materials, please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you on this exciting opportunity.


Donald M. Honeman

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid