Clark’s recycling rate is up 60 percent in one year

Congratulations Clarkies! Our recycling rate for 2011 is up 60 percent over 2010 — from recycling 18 percent of all campus waste to capturing 29 percent!

That’s an amazing increase in just one year, and shows what we can do with a little help from our friends. This past year the custodians were all trained, a dedicated group of students moved recycling bins to better spots, the student-operated Recycling Crew got wicked serious, the Eco Reps ran educational programs — and Clark’s new Recycling Center opened up, with new waste management contracts that benefit Clark for recycling rather than sending waste to landfill.

Can we do another 60 percent increase in 2012, with the new recycling bins courtesy of CUSC around campus, and the U-Reka award-winning outdoor recycling bins? Can we actually recycle 50 percent of our campus waste? Why not?

It’s up to you: Visit the Sustainability pages online to check out all we can recycle.